Kung fu classes for foreginers – it is never too late to develope new passion!

It is possible to learn kung fu as an individual classes.

The whole training will be conduct in English. Personal training is individually tailored to each participant, to their capabilities, condition, health and finally well-being.

Practically 100% of training time is devoted to achieving individual training goals. The training is maximally safe, because it is conducted by a trainer and a master of physiotherapy in one person. From class to class, the intensity of training and the type of training, as well as the selection of exercises, change if we want to constantly stimulate the muscular, nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems.

We conduct personal training at the client’s home, in the field, or in a training room located near the trainee’s place of residence.

Contact: Michał Nogieć, mobile: 691-342-440